Membership Options

Choose from a variety of Yolo Cross Fit membership options. Find the option that best fits your needs.  


Punch Card*

10 CrossFit Classes 
​~Includes Power Lifting and Barbell Classes


*Full details listed on our membership options page.

Childcare is available for $1.50 per child or $25 for 20 visits see childcare times on our website

3 Day Limited*

Any 3 Days per Week

~Includes Power Lifting and Barbell Classes 


Yolo CrossFit Kids 

Punch Card*

10 CrossFit Kids Classes 


Unlimited classes for Yolo CrossFit 


3 Yolo Crossfit Intro Classes

Get your fitness program started with this special offer from Yolo Crossfit
3 interductory classes that also includes the rest of the month to start taking regular CrossFit classes (see schedule for dates/times). All intros must be scheduled with Tammy Ten Broeck,Owner and Head Coach at  ​


Visit the Membership Registration page to see all the fitness options available from YoloCrossFit and Davis Swim and Fitness.

Yolo CrossFit Kids*

Includes M-Th 4:30pm and Sat 10:15am

Any 3 days per week you choose to do a ​CrossFit only class.


303 Ensenada Drive, Davis CA 95618

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